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Boracay Philippines is a jewel in the Visayas. In fact to many, it is more than a jewel, it is the ultimate place to go to relax and unwind, experience culture, go shopping and do variety of things. It's a tropical island like no other in the world.

It is a big statement but Boracay, Philippines, will captivate you and entice you into it’s secrets so that you will never be able to let go. The day you leave Boracay, you will vow to come back and like so many before you, coming back is exactly what you will do.

Boracay is considered to be the best for beach vacation. The white sand beach and the serene atmosphere take a person into the world of tranquility and fun. If a person is tired strolling along the beach and swimming on in the bluish green water the best thing for him is to shop.

Paulo Collection is a sought after souvenir shop in Boracay ventured into selling wide variety of swim suits, board shorts, formal and casual wear, children's wear, and other miscellaneous souvenir items . With several outlets located at the different part of the island, it boasts wide array of classy and fashion- updated imported items.

So whenever you are in Boracay, don't forget to visit Paulo Collection Body Wear for your shopping spree.