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Paulo Collection started as a small business venture giving consigned apparels like hand made batik, sarongs, and beach and casual wear to resorts and hotels in Boracay Island.These items are not locally manufactured but imported from Bali Indonesia and Hongkong.

Started in 1992,Paulo Collection who derived its name from Paul Schuhmann, a German national  who initially financed the garment business, is now two outlet shop in Boracay. Paulo Collection continue to develop and has just put up another named Island Magic. This is also in Boracay.

From limited items, Paulo Collection ventured into selling wide variety of swim suits, board shorts, formal and casual wear, children's wear, footwear and miscellaneous souvenir items with good quality and design. In several activities and occasions like modeling and beauty searches in Boracay, Paulo collection is well noted as a regular sponsors for outfit and accessories.

A favorite and sought boutique shop of celebrities whenever they are on holiday in Boracay. Paulo Collection is even gaining popularity thru words of mouth and endorsements from classy tourists, local and foreign alike.